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Malaga Camper We are a company located in Malaga.

We have over 8 years experience in the field of vans camperizacion ,caravans, motorhomes  and elevating roofs turning them into a new way of life.

Malaga Camper  born from the idea of ​​the pleasure of enjoying nature with freedom ,without limits and always accompanied by our Van.

For us it's no problem if your Van is big or small,If passenger , commercial or antiquity because that will become the perfect instrument to live one of the most beautiful experiences that are:

Travel in absolute freedom!!

The great advantage of having one Van camperizadaIt is that you can easily use it as a vehicle for leisure,vehicle daily use or as colleague.

Malaga Camper We help you choose camperizacion accessories most suitable in the Transformation of your van  to make your dreams come true, Since we know well all models of vans available on the market and also its limitations.

Malaga Camper, We advise and adapt the budget so that the result fits your needs and pocketbook.

So if you have adventurous spirit or simply land like to travel do not hesitate and ask for information.

 “Malaga Camper ,we fulfill dreams”


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